Origin: the point or place where something begins. Everything has a starting point. It may come from an idea, a dream, a reaction, a stirring, a disappointment, or an experience. It is a moment in time that changes everything that happens next. It is a force of movement that pushes life into a new trajectory.

History gives us the opportunity to examine the world around us and trace its trajectories back to its many beginnings. We can study the many points of origin that have brought us to where we are today. We are allowed to ask the questions why and how. We have the freedom to learn and discover truth and understanding.

Taking the time to discover those truths of history gives a fresh perspective and offers us a chance to create new beginnings within ourselves and in the world around us. We can literally change the world. And that is what is at the heart of Leverage Roasting Company. We want to see others take what they have, and take what they know and leverage it to better the world.

Origin, in the coffee world, references that physical place where it all begins. It is the place where the coffee shrub grows, blossoms and produces ripe fruit for the harvest. There we will find the farmers that have taken such meticulous care of the shrubs all season long culminating in the harvest. Knowing and experiencing the origin can help predict what to expect from its fruit.

Origin, for us, is the point at which our story begins. There have been many experiences and conversations and dreams that have led us to this very point. And there is tremendous effort, detail, and love being poured into this beginning. And like the origin of coffee, our origin can help predict our future. We believe it is going to be amazing and we expect great things. We love how so many people are excited about this journey and are asking to place orders before the first batch is even dropped!

One of the beautiful things about a new beginning is a chance to create from nothing. We get to decide, even before the first dollar is collected, how we are going to use Leverage to make a difference in the world. The rhetoric of "America First" is not enough for us. It's not enough for most of us. It's definitely not enough for the farmers and workers around the world who produce our beloved coffee. At Leverage, we will say "Others First". It is a mindset and a call to action. The first 10% of all profits will be given away. We will leverage those funds to bring change to the world. We believe that small steps can make a big impact when leveraged for good. If we can help change the world for one person or family, they will, in turn, take their new beginning and leverage it for even greater good.

We are excited about this point of origin. We can't wait to see where it will go. Thank you for joining on this journey. Wherever you are and with whatever you have—leverage it for good.

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