Burundi Kivubo Decaf

Burundi Kivubo Decaf

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Size               12oz / 333gm

Region           Mutambu 

Processing    Washed, then Swiss Water Decaffeination Process

Elevation        1800m

Varietals         Bourbon

Flavor Notes   Carmelized sugar, Lemon Peel, Chocolate

 We're happy to offer a decaffeinated offering for those of you that do not tolerate caffeine very well. Coffees out of Burundi are known for their vibrant acidity and that's what we have attempted in roasting this Swiss Water Process selection. You'll find layers of sweetness laced with lemon throughout. This is brewing really well on the Clever Dripper!

Kivubo Station is located in the Mutambu area of Bujumbura Province. The station acts as a collection site where farmers from the surrounding hillside can sell their whole coffee cherry after it is picked, and where that coffee will then be blended, wet processed, and dried on raised drying beds. Kivubo is one of several stations under an umbrella association that currently serves around 3,000 farmers, small-holder farms who on average are growing 200 coffee shrubs cultivated land adjacent to their homes. Like most of the region, Bourbon is the dominant varietal grown. - Coffee Shrub