Burundi Mutana Hill from Long Miles Coffee Project
Burundi Mutana Hill from Long Miles Coffee Project

Burundi Mutana Hill from Long Miles Coffee Project

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Our second offering from Long Miles Coffee Project!

Size               12oz / 333gm

Region           Kayanza Region, Mutana Hill

Processing    Washed

Elevation        1700-2100m

Varietals         Bourbon

Flavor Notes   Caramel Aroma, Lemon Lime, Peach Blossom

  This Bourbon is from the Heza washing station and was grown above 1900 masl on Nkonge Hill, where 1400 families are part of the Long Miles Coffee Project. In the remote coffee lands of northern Burundi, most coffee grows between 1700 and 2100 masl on small family farms and virtually all the coffee in the region is Bourbon. Long Miles Coffee Project has two relatively new washing stations in the high hills of the Kayanza region. The Bukeye station was constructed in 2013 and the Heza station in 2014. Both washing stations were built by the Carlson family as part of their Long Miles Coffee Project, an effort to improve quality through intensified sorting throughout the milling process, facilitate direct connections between farmers and roasters, and improve the livelihood of local coffee farmers. In addition to several quality sorts, coffee is also sorted by the distinct hill on which it is grown. 

  The trademark phrase of LMCP is Coffee. People. Potential. The Carlson family had a vision of helping produce amazing coffee from these hills and at the same time transforming the very lives of the farmers and their families. The namesake comes from the long miles that farmers had to walk to get their harvest to a washing station after picking for the day. These were often several miles away and the fruit would begin to break down and ferment. The answer was to build wash stations at the base of these hills where the coffee could be sorted and processed much more quickly. Quality has increased dramatically and with that, so has compensation for the farmers. Check out what they're doing at www.longmilescoffeeproject.com.

  This coffee is from a different hill than Nkonge and carries with it different flavors. You can expect a rich caramel aroma right after brewing. The coffee still carries a high acidity with lemon and lime flavors and finishes with a peach blossom. We're excited to share this coffee with you as well as the story of Long Miles! 

Photo credits to Kristy Carlson, Long Miles Coffee Project