Costa Rica Alajuela Gesha

Costa Rica Alajuela Gesha

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Size               12oz / 333gm

Region           West Valley, Costa Rica

Processing     Washed

Varietals         Gesha

Farm              Hacienda Manuelita

Producer       doña Manuela Echeverría 

Flavor Notes   Sweet Marzipan, Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon

  This is our first offering of a Costa Rica and it is a great one. Immediately after cupping this coffee, we went to the computer to put in our order to secure it before it sold out. Our friends at Genuine Origin have once again provided. We're happy to share this is our second coffee that is produced by a female and proving once again that the future is female. This Gesha is different than other geshas we have carried and has a very complex flavor profile. There is a deep sweetness to it with the almond marzipan flavors, but still carries this jammy body ripe with fruit. 

Our Alajuela Gesha comes from producer doña Manuela Echeverría of Hacienda Manuelita. The farm is located at the foot of the Poas Volcano amidst dairy and strawberry farms. The rich volcanic soils and unique microclimates create an ideal environment for coffee production. (Genuine Origin)