Costa Rica Anaerobico

Costa Rica Anaerobico

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Size               12oz / 333gm

Region           Tarrazú

Processing     Washed

Varietals         Caturra

Farm              Cordillera del Fuego

Producer       Luis Eduardo Campos 

Flavor Notes   Caramel, Cinnamon, Berry Compote

 An exciting new coffee in time for the holiday season!

Our Anaerobico Cordillera del Fuego comes from producer Luis Eduardo Campos. Luis is an independent Costa Rican coffee farmer who is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve his coffee production.

The flavors and attributes in this coffee go beyond the traditional Tarrazú flavors. Theycan be attributed to the coffee’s special anaerobic processing method.

The Anaerobic process starts with the selection of handpicked, mature coffee cherries that have a Brix degree (a measurement of sugar content) near 26. The coffee is depulped and put in stainless steel with all its mucilage, which, in the absence of CO2, purposely creates an anaerobic fermentation process. The coffee develops in a unique series of acids such as lactic and malic which will translate to a very complex flavor. Once ready the coffee is 100% sun dried. (Genuine Origin)