Dark(er) Guatemala La Maravilla
Dark(er) Guatemala La Maravilla

Dark(er) Guatemala La Maravilla

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Size               12oz / 333gm

Region           Huehuetenango

Processing     Washed

Elevation        1600-1800m

Varietals         Bourbon, Caturra, Pache

Producer        Mauricio Rosales

Flavor Notes   Chocolate, Toasted Graham Cracker, Carmelized Sugar

We've taken this sweet offering from the northern growing region in Guatemala, Huehuetenango and roasted it dark(er) than our other offerings. Customers that often ask for bold or strong flavors can find delight in the layers of flavor still present in La Maravilla. You'll find the layers of flavor expose themselves as the cup cools. We hope you enjoy this new offering!

Mauricio Rosales purchased his farm in the late 1990’s, as a project to develop with his father. Initially, there was no road to the farm, so it was very difficult work. With much more hard work, Mauricio was able to build a road and turn the farm into one of the best coffee-producing farms in the region. He is very focused on quality, and all of his activities are performed to keep and enhance this invaluable asset.

This microlot is named after Mauricio's farm. The story goes that when the owners first arrived on the land, they exclaimed, “Que maravilla!” This is marvelous! Therefore, they decided to name the farm La Maravilla — even before knowing that the quality from the farm is truly maravilla! -GenuineOrigin Project




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