Ethiopia Guji Hambela

Ethiopia Guji Hambela

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Size               12oz / 333gm

Region           Guji Region, Hambela Washing Station

Processing    Washed

Elevation        1900-2100m

Varietals         Mixed Heirloom

Flavor Notes   Black Tea, Jasmine, Tangerine, Melon


The Guji region is named for one of the tribes of the Oromo and is one of the administrative zones of the Oromia region. The zone was created in 2002 when the uplands of Borena zone were split to create it.

The Guji region enjoys ideal coffee growing conditions. Its volcanic soil is bursting with nutrients, creating deep red and brown top-layer of soil. The regions' high altitude, bi-modal rainfall pattern and dry weather allow for the cherries to develop slowly. (Genuine Origin)