Ethiopia Jet Hama

Ethiopia Jet Hama

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Size               12oz / 333gm

Region           Southern Kochere

Processing    Washed

Elevation        1800-2200m

Varietals         Mixed Heirloom

Flavor Notes   Jasmine, Lavender, Bergamot, Black Tea

"Jet" is the name of the coffee washing station where this coffee was processed. It's located in the Hama Kebele, a small town within the Southern Kochore District. It's practically next door to the famed Yirga Cheffe growing region, so the overt floral cup comes as no surprise. This is a privately run washing station, which means that there is no cooperative membership required for farmers to sell their coffee. That said, they register all farmers who sell to them and keep a record of each delivery and the price that was paid. As of last year, they've registered just over 1000 small holder farmers in the region who are free to sell their coffee to any number of other local wet mills. This creates healthy competition for coffee and the local prices high. Altitude at the wet mill is just over 1900 meters, and the coffee farms nearby stretch up to the 2000 meter mark. (Coffee Shrub)