Guatemala La Fisga

Guatemala La Fisga

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Size               12oz / 340gm

Region           Cubulco

Processing     Washed

Elevation        1800m

Varietals         Mixed Varietals

Producer        Roberto Cantó

Flavor Notes   Ripe Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Juicy Body, Bright

 La Fisga is the name of this farm in the mountains of the Cubulco area of central Guatemala. This is a very bright and colorful region of Guatemala, home of the Achi people group. Roberto Cantó purchased this farm with his sister's husbands from his father-in-law in 2007. The three men came to the US to work and save enough money to buy the property and transform the plantation into what it is today. La Fisga translates to "the harpoon" and when they are not farming, the men enjoy fishing in the stream that runs through the northern part of the property. The coffee found on this farm was first planted over 20 years ago and is mix of varietals. Roberto's father-in-law was unsure of the exact varietals. 

  This coffee jumped off of our cupping table and stood out among the rest. It is bright, and fruity with a moderate to high acidity. Dry fragrance is a dark chocolate after grinding. Fruity aroma reveals a fresh strawberry and ripe dark cherry flavor within. There is a juicy body to this coffee that activates your salivary glands. It's hard not to slurp this cup. 




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