About Us

“You’re doing what? You’re starting a coffee business? Like, coffee coffee?”

Yes, coffee! If you’ve made it this far on the website, you likely know the story of Leverage. For those of you just joining us—welcome! Leverage Roasting Company is one of the newest nano coffee roasters in Colorado. (If you’re new to the world of specialty coffee, nano just means that coffee is being roasted at less than 200 lbs. a week.) We can say “one of the newest” because this is an exciting industry that is full of life and growing every day.

Our story begins with Owner and Head Roaster, John Yates, discovering coffee through his best friend and business partner, Michael Flores. In the process, John developed a deep and consuming love and passion for specialty coffee. The more he learned about it, the more he wanted to be a part of it! Despite having a steady career as an Emergency Room Nurse, he began to dream about “what next”. The more questions he asked and the more conversations he had led him to the realization that he was willing to trade something good for the possibility of something better. And that is how Leverage was born.

This is the tale of two friends, one from Denver, CO and one from Salt Lake City, UT, that love to dream and scheme and are not afraid of asking “what if” questions. Their friendship began from a divine meeting and their paths have led to this place of a dream being birthed into reality. John and Michael, as well as their families, are excited to see this adventure bloom and grow.

Leverage Roasting Co. LLC is starting out operating under the Colorado Cottage Food Act and will only be able to sell and ship beans within the state of Colorado. We will focus on individual sales and will not be selling to businesses or wholesale accounts at this time.

Thank you for your interest and support! It means so much to us. It is an honor to source, roast and deliver some amazing coffee into your home. It is our hope that it creates opportunity for you to have conversations about your dreams and passions and ask "what next" for your own life. It is our hope that it propels you to leverage what you have to do great things in the world around us.

John Yates, Owner and Head Roaster