About Us

Leverage Roasting Co. began in the fall of 2017 with a passion for great coffee and an idea that could just possibly change the world. 

You see, there are a lot of roasters in Denver that have come onto the coffee scene in the past six to seven years. And the biggest question amongst coffee as well as other niche industries that is always begging to be asked, "What makes you different, what sets you apart?" And it's a question that we try to ask often and use it to guide the decisions we make. We strive to source some of the best coffee from across the world and roast it in such a way that honors that work that has gone into developing it until this point. But that is not unique. 

What makes Leverage unique is that profit sharing structure we have created from the very first bag we sold until today. We donate 10% of our profits back into the developing world in very specific ways. Every bag of Leverage sold plants three tress with Eden Reforestation Projects, provides 3 months of safe water to one person through Water.org, and funds the high school education of a young man in Uganda through AsOne Africa. All of this... every single bag. Check out more information about our Justice Partners on the tab above. Our greatest compliment would not be for you to not only purchase our coffee, but to learn more about these amazing organizations and partner with them in a way that we have. 

What also separates us from every other roaster in Colorado except one other... our bags. Our bags are fully compostable including the zipper seal and freshness valve. In fact, our bags will even break down in a landfill as long as they are in the presence of microbes. No moisture, light or heat required. We believe if we are coming into an industry, we owe it to the planet to not create more waste for landfills. Check out our bag supplier Tek Pak Solutions. They're amazing. 

So thank you. 

Enjoy this amazing coffee we provide and believe in yourself that you too can make a difference. It may seem small here, but the benefits are exponential in the developing world. 

-John Yates, Owner and Roaster