Leverage Limited La Tacita Blend

Leverage Limited La Tacita Blend

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Size               12oz / 333gm

Region           Acatenango Guatemala, Illubabor Ethiopia, Karongi Rwanda

Processing     Washed

Elevation        varied

Varietals         Gesha, Heirloom Varietals, Bourbon

Producer        Farm Gate Purchasing

Flavor Notes   Rose Water, Jasmine Honeysuckle, Valencia Orange, Meyer Lemon     

Complex. Layers. This coffee is one that you will continue to talk about as the cup cools and you keep discovering new flavors. This is the first time we have purchased a pre-blended coffee, but this is unique opportunity and we're proud to offer it to you. The floral notes are very present from rose water to jasmine honeysuckle. There is meyer lemon, valencia orange and then this nuanced dark chocolate aftertaste. This is a coffee for those that appreciate and take time to brew amazing coffee in their homes. At only 40 bags offered, it will not last long. 

 "La Tacita Floral, "the floral cup", an aptly titled blend pointing to ingredients that show floral notes on their own, and together make for a flowery complexity that couldn't be acheived by any single component. Each are highlight coffees, but the crowning jewel of the bunch is Gesha, this time around from Guatemala, one of the most unique Central American coffees we've procured. We've also tasted that it only takes a small amount of Gesha to stand straight out in a blend, especially when pulled as espresso, and so La Tacita Floral was put together as a sort of cost efficient Gesha espresso, and pairs it with two other floral coffees to enhance perfumed highlights in the cup. The other two parts of the blend are from Western Ethiopia and Rwanda, both regions that produce some of our most espresso-worthy African coffees each year. All three are wet processed coffees, and so acidity comes in high volume.  Florals are clear and apparent across this roast spectrum, and matched by resounding sweetness." -The Coffee Shrub