Tyler's Spring Equinox Cold Brew
Tyler's Spring Equinox Cold Brew
Tyler's Spring Equinox Cold Brew

Tyler's Spring Equinox Cold Brew

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First in our seasonal cold brew series!

Size               12oz / 333gm

Region           Oromia

Processing    Natural

Elevation        1900-2200m

Varietals         Ethiopian Heirloom 74165,74112

Flavor Notes   Lemon, Grape, Black Cherry

 The kids love their cold brew and Tyler is no exception. Actually he is quite exceptional and has been helping Leverage from the beginning. Often found stamping and filling bags on roast days, and even apprenticing behind the roaster at times. Yet still he persists in nursing school. Keep saying you don't need a nursing degree to work for Leverage! Our new cold brew series, named after Tyler, will be seasonal and provide unique and distinct cold brew offerings. Not just your generic "chocolate" profile. Look for offerings to change with the seasons. 

This coffee was grown and processed at Chilbu, a private farm, that was established in 2009, developed in 2011– 2012 and now covers 100 hectares (about 247 acres).

Once picked, bright red cherries are dried on raised drying beds covered with mesh wire. The farm currently has 70 beds available and is on target to have 100 by its next crop year.

Oromia is a renowned coffee region, with decades of experience in Arabica coffee production, on both private and publicly owned plantations. Much of the area is covered in forest, as well as rainforest, and coffee grows well protected under the tree canopies.

Credit: GenuineOrigin.com